Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lotus Notes 8.0 + Ubuntu

Out-dated! Go here:

Note: Lotus Notes is currently unsupported in Ubuntu, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Here's my struggles with Ubuntu 7.10.

The install process is pretty straight forward. Only issues I had were the GUI refresh, some permissions, and some symbolic links.

If you have an issue with blank GUI, no GUI, or unclickable GUI, try changing your window manager. Not sure if this is caused by Compiz or not, so turning off desktop effects may also have the same effect.

To fix this, I did the following:
sudo apt-get install kwin
kwin --replace
Then I could read and click like normal.

I took defaults, but once installed, I couldn't execute lnotes, so I did:
cd /opt/ibm/lotus/notes
chmod +x lnotes
sudo ln -s *.so /usr/lib/
sudo chmod 755 /etc/lotus/notes/data/shared/ -R
*Note: I had some other "self-inflicted" permission issues too. Only do this if you get errors ($USERNAME is the name you are logged in as, NOT root!)
sudo chown $USERNAME /home/$USERNAME/lotus/notes -R

Again, IBM does not support Ubuntu currently for Notes 8.0, so do this at your own risk!


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