Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quake3 Ubuntu 7.10

This only works if you own a copy of the Quake3 CD. If you have a mirror for it, please let me know.

I have not been able to get the demo to work in Linux (Except using the Windows demo through Wine).

If you've tried to download the Quake3 installer from idsoftware's site, you've figured out it won't work in Ubuntu 7.10 x86_64.

I even went to getrpm and got the Fedora Core version (launched, but gave the error "user interface is 3 expected 6). Like usual, I was trying too hard...

For some awesome reason, Ubuntu puts Quake3 in its repositories (might have to turn on non-free, or restricted with Synaptic).

Open a terminal and type:
sudo apt-get install quake3-data

It will prompt you for the Quake3 CD. Pop it in your drive and go to work. I'm pretty sure the Windows install CD will work, just provide the quake3 folder location.

It will then download the stuff it needs from idsoftware site (20+ minutes).

Then it will drop you back at a shell. You want to type:
sudo sh /root/
AMD64 users, type this instead:
sudo linux32 sh /root/
Then launch the game by typing this at console:

If you get:
Sys_Error: Couldn't load default.cfg
Then type this:
quake3 +set fs_basepath /usr/share/games/quake3



Tim said...

The only thing you need from the CD is pak0.pk3 so you can simply install q3a (demo or no data files at all) and copy that file into /usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/ later. From your CD, a windows install of q3a or whatever.

FatButtLarry said...


Its been a couple years since I posted this so I might need a refresher... Are you saying the installer works fine without the CD?


Eric said...

Thanks for this stuff, took me a bunch of time to get it to work. First i figured synaptic would install the files for me but i had to start the point release as explained here, then i had the warning about q3 not being able to find the default.cfg wich i then made.

Also modded the rights on it but im not sure it helped. (I actually just copied the q3config.cfg and renamed it.)
But alas i can now start the whole game and it saves the config proper.

I also recommend just making a small script to start the thing instead of having to type the basepath everytime.
So like with that one line in it.

Gracias senor :]

FatButtLarry said...

@Eric: Glad it helped. Wrote this back in 2007. Glad to know a part of it is still helpful. :)