Monday, March 24, 2008

Amarok 1.4.7 Won't Load

Amarok: [Loader] Starting amarokapp..
Amarok: [Loader] Don't run gdb, valgrind, etc. against this binary! Use amarokapp.

You're seeing the standard Amarok start-up. But chances are you didn't stumble upon this because Amarok IS working...

Luckily enough for me, I got it to load. Here's some hints:
  1. Kill amarok process:

    pkill -9 amarok
  2. In your home directory remove a file called ".DCOPserver_$HOSTNAME__0"
    rm $HOME/.DCOPserver_$HOSTNAME__0
  3. In /var/tmp remove a file called kdecache-$USERNAME
    cd /var/tmp
    rm -r kdecache-$USERNAME

  4. Amarok should work!

  5. If needed, remove folder (or rename) $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok
  6. If needed, remove (purge) and reisntall amarok application with your package manager.

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