Friday, September 19, 2008

Ruby - The Gem Of Life

This issue has been resolved --> Here

As an active Java developer, its impossible to ignore the references to Ruby as a programming language, and most popularly as a web development platform.

In a search to automate some remote commands through SSH, I've found very logical and simple solutions written in the Ruby programming language.

Unfortunately, the Gem isn't shining just yet...

The IDE I'm using is Netbeans 6.1, and my first attempt to extend a Java application to call on the Ruby framework was unsuccessful.

Let me rephrase... The first attempt to get a working "ruby gem", which is a package of ".rb" files used as a library, was unsuccessful.

Fortunately, Netbeans 6.1 has it's own JRuby Application wizard, but its throwing out of memory exceptions...

Perhaps Netbeans 6.5 makes some of these tasks smoother, but so far, JRuby has been a ruby in the rough.

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