Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kubuntu Logo Mock-Ups

Ok, I've been wanting to do this for a while...

Basically, when I look at the Kubuntu logo, the three "8-tooth" gears on the logo look like small snowflakes to me.

Now... When looking at the KDE logo, I feel the gear is more "iconified" and less... well... complicated. I really like the KDE logo and for some reason I've always felt the Kubuntu logo doesn't do justice to it. I don't think KDE is portrayed well by simply replacing the Ubuntu circles (or "heads") with small gears.

So, I did some work on the laptop using a live cd and Gimp. I've linked 9 mock-up logos hoping for feedback (hosted on Ubuntu forums). Click the links below to see each mock-up. Note that to keep the Ubuntu design, I had to reduce the KDE 8-tooth gears to one 6-tooth gear.


Logo 1: "Gear hands"
Logo 2: "Right Hand"
Logo 3: "Gumdrop Head"
Logo 4: "Shoulder Pads"
Logo 5: "Power Gear"
Logo 6: "Notched Out"
Logo 7: "Soccer Ball"
Logo 8: "Star Burst"
Logo 9: "Chipped Tooth"

P.S. I am a fan of Kubuntu and I do like the logo, just looking for some artistic opinions, and maybe some feedback. I own 2 ubuntu and 1 kubuntu shirt, so I do like (and support!) the current logo as I proudly wear it on my back. :)


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