Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raw Printing From Ubuntu 9.10 - Zebra Network Printer

  1. From the desktop, click "System --> Administration --> Printing"

  2. Click "New" (Printer)

  3. Be patient while Ubuntu searches for printers...

  4. Select "Network Printer --> AppSocket/HP JetDirect". For host, put the IP address or hostname of your printer. Port is usually default of 9100. Click "Forward"

  5. Select printer make "Generic". Click "Forward".

  6. Click model "Raw", Drivers "Generic Raw Queue [en]". Click "Forward".

  7. Name the printer appropriately such as "zebra". Click "Apply".

  8. Your new printer "zebra" should now list. You can now use this as a raw print queue.

  9. End of Steps

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