Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raw Printing From Windows XP - Zebra Network Printer

  1. Open Control Panel. Click "Printers and Faxes"

  2. Click "Add Printer"

  3. Click "Next" at the welcome screen.

  4. Click "Local printer attached to this computer" and deselect "Automatically detect and install...". Click "Next".

  5. Click "Create New Port" and from the drop-down select "Standard TCP/IP" port.

  6. At the Port Wizard Welcome screen click "Next"

  7. For Printer Name or IP Address, put the hostname or IP of your printer and click "Next"

  8. If prompted for a Device Type, select "Generic Network Card". Click "Next".

  9. A summary page will display with your port information. Click "Finish".

  10. The Printer Wizard will continue. When prompted for Manufacturer, click "Generic". For printer, select "Generic/Text Only". Click "Next".

  11. If prompted to keep the driver, click "Keep the existing driver". Click "Next".

  12. Type the printer name you'd like to use. For example, "zebra". It will ask to use this printer as the default printer. Click "No". Click "Next".

  13. When prompted to share the printer, click "Do not share this printer". This setting can be changed later if needed.

  14. You will be prompted to print a test page. Click "No" and click "Next".

  15. The wizard summary page will appear. Click "Finish"

  16. Your printer will now list under "Printers and Faxes"

  17. Troubleshooting: (If problems exist) Make sure the new port (under the new printer properties --> ports --> find your new port --> configure port) is set to "RAW" under protocol. If printing to a non-standard port (other than 9100) adjust the port settings correctly.

  18. End of Steps


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