Sunday, January 24, 2010

Running Java on Windows Mobile 5

I'm doing development remotely for a mobile device that will run Windows Mobile 6 and use bluetooth through Java to connect to another host. Java is very generous as they offer a JavaFX framework that installs and runs on Windows Mobile 6 Professional without a hassle! (See "
JavaFX Mobile 1.2 for Windows Mobile" at

*Edit: 4/24/2010: Stay away from JavaFX if you need bluetooth support (or any other JSR's) on Windows Mobile! At the time of writing this, JSR support is not yet implemented!

Unfortunately, the only device I have available is a Samsung i730. This is unfortunate because JavaFX (The MIDlet standard) is only released for Windows Mobile 6. This i730 has Windows Mobile 5 installed and according to Verizon and Samsung, it IS NOT UPGRADABLE to Windows Mobile 6! So since my development resources are limited, I'd like to test the bluetooth stack of the application on a physical device (the client is not from the United States).

Long story short, I have been searching for quite a while to get Java J2ME running on the Samsung i730. Today I came across this site:

The author has hard-linked a version of "IBM MIDP 2.0 Java Emulator V2.3.CAB" which is the ONLY Java emulator I have been able to get running on this phone. I strongly suggest using it if you have similar issues. I've tried many versions of the "Intent Java Midlet Manager" with no luck. Don't download "Intent" if you're using the i730, as it is a waste of your time (many others have success with this for other phones).

Disclaimer: The author of the gadgettech link above directly links to a CAB of licensed software. I strongly suggest only using this version for evaluation purposes. Also note, it does not behave the same as JavaFX, but should be sufficient for development and testing.

If you choose to keep the software, please download the official licensed release from Handango.


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