Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SuperTuxKart inside VirtualBox

For those with a working VirtualBox install and OpenGL enabled, "supertuxkart" works very well with VirtualBox 3D acceleration!  The exception being, for some users, the mouse movement behaves incorrectly (the menus continuously move and gameplay turns to the left and won't let you steer).

This is how you fix it quickly: (Ubuntu as a VirtualBox Guest)

  1. Open "input.xml" with a text editor:
    $ gedit ~/.config/supertuxkart/input.xml
  2. Disable "VirtualBox USB Tablet":
    <gamepad name ="VirtualBox USB Tablet" enabled="true">
    Change to:
    <gamepad name ="VirtualBox USB Tablet" enabled="false"
  3. Save the file and re-launch the game.
  4. If the game cannot be closed, close it manually using "pkill":
    $ pkill -9 supertuxkart

This simply disables the VirtualBox USB Tablet.  The tablet emulator for VirtualBox causes the game to be unplayable.  This setting can be changed in-game through "Options, Controls, USB Tablet, Disable", but unfortunately the mouse behavior makes this impossible with USB Tablet enabled. Directly modifying the XML file will work-around this issue.

Note, for KDE users, replace "gedit" in the above command with "kate".


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