Tuesday, October 18, 2011

VirtualBox AGPCPQ.sys

After trying to restore an old XP dell image to VM using windows deployment services, the computer hangs on a black screen.  When booting to safe mode, it appears to hang on "agpcpq.sys".  I suspect this is due to a video driver locking up the device on boot.

I'm using VirtualBox so I suspect a "clean reinstall" will do the trick, but I'm persistent to use this image for testing.  I also tried all of the applicable recommended work-around from this link.  They weren't much of a help either.

Instead, I powered off the VM, changed video memory to 4MB, and now I receive the message "Please wait while Windows prepares to start...". (this took quite a while).

The computer was very sluggish with such little video ram, but eventually responded, avoiding a complete re-install of the app.

Once booted, I installed the VirtualBox Guest Addons, powered off, bumped the video ram back up, and the workstation was booting just fine again.

Worth noting, I also checked "Enable IO APIC" in the System Motherboard options in VirtualBox, incase this helped.


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