Thursday, March 1, 2012

VirtualBox Guest Additions Windows 8 Consumer Preview

This worked for me.  Only thing it really provides is screen re-sizing, which if using the experimental Direct3D driver, seems to break Metro.  Do this at your own risk as both Areo Desktop Effects as well as VirtualBox Pointer Integration seem to work just fine out of the box!
  1. Take a snapshot of your VM!  This will give you a restore point if anything fails!!!

  2. You already have a working 64-bit version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed on a 64 bit Host, with Hardware Virtualization Enabled.
  3. In the Virtual Machine Settings, make sure the VM is configured with 2D and 3D support, 128MB Video RAM or higher (Machine needs to be powered off to make these changes)

    1. Some report that adding a second virtual processor is recommended for performance reasons.
  4. Power on Virtual Machine running Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64-bit.
  5. Type MSCONFIG from the "Start" home screen, when it lists, run it.
    1. If you are not at the home screen, hit CTRL + ESC at the same time.
  6. Click the "boot" tab in MSCONFIG
  7. Click the "Safe Boot" option
  8. Click Ok, Restart
  9. Computer will reboot and ask to login again.
  10. When booted to desktop, click Devices > Install Guest Addons from the VirtualBox toolbar.
    1. If you are not at the desktop, click the "Desktop" board (should have a fish on it)
  11. Open Explorer by clicking the Folder in the Task Bar
  12. Click Computer > CD Drive (VBOXADDITIONS)
  13. Double click "VBoxWindowsAdditions"
    1. This will automatically install the 32 or 64 bit version for you.
  14. You will be prompted for an install location, take default, Next
  15. You will be prompted to Choose Components.  Click "Direct 3D Support".  When prompted to use Basic Direct3D Support, Click No, acknowledge warning (Ok). Click Install.
    1. Windows 8's x64 Aero interface seems to work just fine with VirtualBox 4.x out of the box, so it is questionable whether you'd really need the Guest Additions installed in the first place.
    2. The Experimental version of Direct3D seems to have a negative effect on some Metro Applications (Weather App, Messing App, etc closes/crashes every time you open it, etc)
    3. Dynamic Screen re-sizing only seems to work with the Experimental Direct3D driver, not the Basic Direct3D support.
    4. Unfortunately this means Dynamic Screen re-sizing and Metro seem to be mutually exclusive of each other.   i.e. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  16. Click Always Trust > Install when prompted
  17. When finished click "I want to manually reboot later", Finish
  18. From the home screen, run MSCONFIG again.
    1. If you are not at the home screen, hit CTRL + ESC at the same time.
  19. From the "boot" tab, uncheck "Safe Boot", click Ok
  20. Click "Restart" when prompted.
    1. If the computer reboots to a Dark Teal/Blue Screen, close out the Virtual Machine, and repeat step 3!!!.  Reboot and it should work!
    2. If the screen loads fine but doesn't automatically resize, verify you followed Step 15 correctly!
  21. Unlock the screen by dragging the picture up.  The screen will still be normal sized.
  22. Click "View, Fullscreen" in VirtualBox toolbar.  Give it a second to resize and voila!
  23. Enjoy Guest Additions.  Expect Metro apps to crash though.

*Note:  32-bit Window 8 Consumer Preview seems to have problems with Guest Additions installing that needs a registry fix.  Post that fix in the comments if you have a direct link to it.


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