Friday, March 22, 2013

[Fixed] VST Pops/Clicks in LMMS Win7 x64

Partial fixed, I created a VBScript to remedy this.  I just run it when VSTs start popping and clicking.  Post if you have a better way to do this.

Download the VBScript here:

Note:  This must be run after a project using VSTs has been loaded.



So I use LMMS a lot on several PCs and I've noticed on one of my machines, the latency (pops/clicks) for VSTs is unbearable.

  1. I've tried to install ASIO4all as a work-around, but PortAudio never lists under sound devices.  Am I doing something wrong?
  2. If I change the process priority for RemoveVstPlugin32.exe* to realtime, the latency issues go away.  Can this realtime process priority option be added to through LMMS? (is that even possible?)
  3. If not, does anyone know any other tweaks for VST latency in Windows?
This happens even worse when I'm scrolling through the project or moving a window around.  It sounds like it's going to crash but eventually responds.  In fact, with Priority set to "Normal", any CPU spike on the PC will cause the pops/clicks.

Are others experiencing this?  My sound card drivers have been upgraded as a troubleshooting measure.  This is most noticeable in LMMS with VSTs.   All VSTs seem to do this.

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