Thursday, April 25, 2013

Automating TrackIt! Reports

Automating TrackIt! Reports - The Easy Way (Works for other Crystal Reports)

Rainforest Software makes a utility "crexport.exe" that can automate a Crystal Report with parameters.  Here's how:

  1. If not already installed, install the .NET Framework 4.0.  This comes bundled with modern versions of Windows and most likely is already installed.
  2. Install the 32-bit Crystal Reports runtime here. (64-bit won't work for TrackIt! reports, but may work for others).
  3. Download and extract "crexport.exe" to a folder on your desktop
  4. From TrackIt's report section, click "Work Order Status by Technician" and in the top left click "Export Report".
  5. Save this report to the same directory as "crexport.exe".
  6. Download the "CorFlags.exe" utility to the same directory as "crexport.exe"
  7. Open a command prompt.  Using CorFlags, Switch "crexport.exe" to run in 32-bit only.
    corflags /32BIT+ crexport.exe
  8. Get the TrackItRpt (or TrackItRpt_1) password from your dba or from TrackIt! Support.
  9. If TrackIt is installed, a 32-bit ODBC connection should already be on the PC for the TRACKIT_DATA database.  If not, create one.  This must be 32-bit ODBC.
  10. Run the crexport utility against the RPT file, where "-s Trackit" matches the ODBC name.
    crexport.exe -P TRACKIT_PASSWORD -U TrackItRpt -s Trackit -F HD_StatusbyTechnician.rpt -O HD_StatusbyTechnician.xls -E xls -a "Date_ Entered_Range:(2013-04-24,2013-04-25)"
  11. *Note: "Date_ Entered_Range" has a space in it.  This needs to match the field names in the RPT files exactly.  If you are unsure what the field names are, use a 30 day trial of Crystal Reports to view the Parameter Fields.
  12. *Note:  If the report is currently open in Crystal Reports, you will recieve an error:
    Misc Error: Load report failed
    Type "crexport -?" for help
  13. *Note:  Not all reports will work.  Make sure to test crexport fully before running on a Production Server as there are some reports that cause it to eat up CPU and Memory.

To email (SMTP) these reports to recipients once they've been generated, you may wan to look into Blat.


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