Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Parallels 7 + Ubuntu 12.10

To get Parallels 7 working properly with Ubuntu 12.10 (Also works with 12.04, may work with other versions).

Disclaimer:  You will need to purchase Parallels 8 in order to get the tools to work with 12.10 since it comes with the newer version of Parallels Tools.

My work-around:  A work-around until you are able to upgrade:

  1. Download the trial of ParallelsDesktop-8.x.xxxxx.xxxxxx.dmg
  2. Extract dmg with 7-zip or equivalent.
  3. Locate 2.hfs
  4. Extract 2.hfs with 7-zip or equivalent
  5. Navigate to \Parallels Desktop.app\Contents\Resources\Tools\
  6. Use prl-tool-lin.iso.  Attach this as a virtual CD-ROM in Parallels.  Install the tools as you would normally.
Your desktop should now resize properly.  To test 3D functionality:
/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p


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